We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

T S Eliot

 Members of the churches in Torpoint and District are looking forward to welcoming their new ministers in the next few months.  Rev Alison Richardson is welcomed to Cornerstone in September and by the end of this year the members of the Torpoint Anglican Cluster of churches will be greeting their own new priest, also a woman minister, the Rev Lyn Parker. Sadly, it appears from the media that, in some areas churches still have problems with the idea of women ministers, but fortunately not in Torpoint!

 The fact that Jesus only chose men as his disciples seems to be the main argument raised to oppose the advancement of women as priests and bishops.  The critics who hold to this view however, fail to recognise that the world 2000 years ago is very different from our present world.  The people who collectively seek to follow the ?Way of Jesus? are, and must be, a pilgrim people, learning as they journey through life.

From early Biblical days, men received glimpses of God. Abraham and Moses both made long physical journeys, but it was what they learnt on those journeys that mattered the most. Abraham was convinced that God sought a covenant with his people. Moses? revelation led to the writing of the Ten Commandments.

If only we could see God, life would be very different. Our uncertainties would go.  There would be no faltering, no confusion in what we should do.  Unfortunately, life is not like that.  Apart from our inability to see God with our eyes, or hear his voice with our ears, there is the problem that as ?followers of the way,? pilgrims, we are weak and wounded and prejudiced by our previous experiences. This can lead to us holding views or acting in ways counter to the vision we see in Jesus and the way he treated people.  It is perhaps knowing that God accepts us as we are that will in the end enable us to change. Then the journey itself, exploring the ?Way of Jesus?  will itself become a kind of destination.

Diary notes:  Songs of praise at Cornerstone Church 6.30 on the last Sunday of each month.

Civic Service.  11.00 am  St James Church Torpoint

Roy Bright.  Chairman of Churches Together in Torpoint and District. 



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