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Men's Breakfast Thursday 09:00hr 29th May  2014

It started for me at 07:55hrs  David Stroud came to help set up. Procedure followed ie hot water on, watch off, wash hands.

This month we had 13 to Breakfast a good number most came at around 09:00hrs started with Cereals  and Coffee. those who wished to get away promptly were served at 09:15hrs and then on till all were feed. As we sat down every one had food in front of them, good we said, "Pity Pete not turned up" still all the food was dished up.

Well he did come 30min late, all he got was a cup of coffee and fellowship. Which was all we hope for any way.


  It takes as longer to clear up than to make it. We had good help today in the shape of Austin and Tom.


I hope you too can join us on the last Thursday of the month 26th June 2014.

Ralph Smith



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