Methodist  / United Reformed






Join us for Worship.


Sunday morning services are at 10.30am, where we have a Junior Church. We welcome children to our Church

and hope they will feel part of the Church family. The third Sunday in the month is also Communion, where all who love the Lord are welcome to partake.


Tuesday Weekday Morning Service. As part of our Outreach Programme we are starting at 10.15a.m. with a Prayer Meeting then coffee, holding a Informal Worship at 11a.m. for approximately half an hour, on a Tuesday at the quietest end of the Church. Some people find Sunday worship difficult to attend because of the changing nature of Sunday in Society.


Drop in Wednesday mornings 10.00am - 11.30a.m. come and meet us, have a coffee, chat or just read the paper. There is space for private prayer or talking over the Christian Faith.


Saturday mornings are regular coffee mornings

9.30a.m. - 11.30a.m. Some provided by the Church members, but also many Saturdays are booked by local charities to raise funds for their cause.

As we are a United Church the Constitution states that we will alternate Ministers between the denominations.


Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals.


Baptisms: Cornerstone Church will welcome you, your child or baby to have a Baptism or Blessing service. Please contact the Minister.


Weddings: The Church is available for weddings. There is no blanket ban on re-marrying divorced people. Please discuss with the Minister as it may depend on past circumstances. You would need to give several months notice so that we can make arrangements. There is a charge for the Minister, Church, Organists fees plus flowers if required.

We are also happy to give a Church blessing to civil marriages. Charges as for weddings.


Funerals:-  you may contact us through the local undertaker but please do not hesitate to get in touch directly.





Rev. Colin Phipps  Tel: 01752 664188  


Senior Steward 

S. Pratt   Tel. 01752 822497


Junior Church Superintendent

P. Smith    Tel.   01752 812065