Issac &


  from Bonhill,Alexandria  Married  


 Irene (Née Crossan)











Born 1962

married to Kenneth Wood


2 children both girls,

LENNOX aged 14

ELLIOT aged 11



Born 1964

married and divorced

one son

Zak 12yr



Born 1967

2nd marriage to

Stephen Cambell

Resides in Sydney, Australia for the past 4 years.

Has 4 children 3 to her first husband and 1 to her present one.


known as GD is 22yr,

CANDACE 18 yrs,

TONI 16 yrs and

BONNIE 2 yrs




From: irene owens
Sent: 20 January 2011 08:12
To: Ralph Smith
Subject: Gilchrist family


Hello Ralph, just a quick note before I head up to work (my daughters little shop) Isaac (my husband) and I open every week day at 8.30am.
I have looked out my mother's birth certificate.   Her name is MARTHA ALLAN GILCHRIST

Born 23rd September 1904 at 7pm at 13 Brown Street Hamilton.
Her father's name THOMAS GILCHRIST, Master Baker (Journeyman) and her mother's name (my gran) was CATHERINE MURRAY GILCHRIST Maiden name
PRENTICE (note C and not K) their marriage took place in Hamilton on 16 August 1898.  That's all just now.  My mum and dad were married in Rosneath 15 July 1935 

my dad's brother was a witness his name was William Crossan of 29 Random Street, Alexandria and my aunt Ina (my mother's sister) was her bridesmaid
The other witness's name was CATHERINE MURRAY PRENTICE GILCHRIST (so I don't know if that was Aunt Ina's real name or was my gran the witness)  I will try and find out more.










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