Robert  &



 Martha (Née Gilchrist)







In Rosneath







Catherine Tom Ina Ann Crossan





(eldest now dead)

he had 5 girls all alive although his wife is dead.


lives in South Africa with his wife Grace


Brian who is married to Kim( they live not far from us but they have recently separated they have 1 boy Cameron 22 yr and a girl Candice aged 19) and two daughters Caroline and Monica both are married and have children


Joyce is the youngest


she lives in Adelaide, Australia

2 girls both married.


One is expecting her first baby 


Daughter (two)

has a boy Conor aged 8

and is expecting a second child.




he has one son

Robert who has 2 sons,

Robert and Blair

From: irene owens
Sent: 23 January 2011 14:54
To: Ralph Smith
Subject: Gilchrist family

Hello Ralph
 Don't know whether you have the following cousin Jim sent them to me some time ago along with a copy of the gravestone of Gran:  ALEXANDER died 1907 aged 8 months
GEORGE died 1909 aged 6 weeks  MARGARET died 1927 aged 27  MARTHA ALLAN died 1928 aged 82  THOMAS GILCHRIST of 13 Brown St Hamilton died 1934 aged 59 (that was my grandpa (my mum's dad my mum had told me he had died 2 years before I was born).  MARGARET was my mum's sister who I believe because she became pregnant and was not married (which was a disgrace in those times) was sent away to relatives in Govan to have her baby and died in childbirth or soon after I never found out what happened to her child.  I only heard about it as I was eariwigging when I was in my teens.  MARTHA ALLAN I take it was my Gran's sister as my mum was called after her.  (I was called after my gran)  My proper name is Catherine Tom Ina Ann (known as Irene from birth as I believe my mum did not like any of the names I was given) I don't blame her, I don't like them either.  My mum had another brother called JAMES who married a JEAN BAXTER from Alexandria they (I think) had 3 sons, one I believe is dead. HARRY LAUDER the famous Scottish singer was I am told married to one of my mum's cousins,  she also had a cousin who married the author AJ CRONIN who lived for a short time in 'Cat's Castle, Dumbarton.  She also had a cousin called CONNIE GILCHRIST who went to Hollywood and became an actress (she was mentioned in the book called 'WHO'S WHO' .  This was shown to me by an elderly lady many years ago when I visited my aunt Chrissie in Clynder however I don't remember the date of the book.   My mum also had an uncle JAMES who was an organist my mum said he played the organ in the cinema and also church, perhaps cousin Mary could enlighten you in those areas.  My mum had a younger sister called INA she married late in life to a English man called LESLIE BAKER they had no family.
My maiden name is CROSSAN and I married ISAAC (OWENS)  from Bonhill, Alexandria  in 12 March 1960. We have 3 children PAMELA bn 1962 married to KENNETH WOOD (2 children (both girls, LENNOX aged 14 and ELLIOT aged 11) DAVID bn 1964(married and divorced ) one son Zak 12yr LESLEY bn 1967 (2nd marriage to STEPHEN CAMPBELL )resides in Sydney, Australia for the past 4 years) has 4 children 3 to her first husband and 1 to her present one) GEORGE DAVID known as GD is 22yr, CANDACE 18 yrs, TONI (16 yrs)and BONNIE (2 yrs).
I think that's all I can remember for now.  Haven't managed to get onto correct site as yet but will try again later.


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