Marks Ark with a big Owl

Bethan Hydes


On Sunday night 2nd August 2015
I arrived at 10 o’clock at aunty Paulene and Uncle Ralph's house. When I got there I had hot chocolate and went to bed.

I went swimming at Whit Sand Bay Holiday Park . Although I had a tummy ache I still had a good time. On

we went to the beach at The Orangey and found 3 crabs and lots of Sea anemone. After that we had a picnic near the duck pond. Then we got a ice-cream and I had mint chocolate chip. Then we went home.


We went to marks ark at the sterts theatre and we saw a python, Bird eating spider, Vulture and a owl . We held every one of them except  the Vulture then we went to the café and I had a brownie.


I went on Ralph’s boat and sailed all the way to a beach and I cut my knee, Pauline thought it was a wonderful cut and Ralph said that I was a injured solder.

injured  Sailor


Day out to Cawsand

 We sailed back to Torpoint and I fell asleep next to Isaac then when I woke up I was freezing so Pauline     



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