Olivia Johnson

Olivia at Eden Project
21st October 2016. We travelled 285 miles to Torpoint from Kent, to visit Auntie Paulene and uncle Ralph. We arrived in Plymouth but unfortunately got lost. After driving around aimlessly, we finally found the ferry. On the ferry someone walked up to Grandma (Marie) and said hello she responded to this by asking who she was talking to? It turned out to be Joshua Webborn. We got on the ferry and then we arrived at Auntie Paulene and Uncle Ralphs.

22nd October 2016, Saturday. We visited mount Edgecombe to day with Sam, Finley, Alfie, Granddad, Grandma and auntie Paulene and uncle Ralph.



brian haines  with his Granddaughter Olivia

23d October Sunday



Went to Eden project





monday 3rd august 2009














With Olivia rowing back ashore she was pleased to say she was not going to sleep on PennCirrus again, I couldn't see why? Later learned that for breakfast was beans and I put mine on a plate and then hers, at the time thought nothing of it as she was good and ate it all, she told her mum the beans were cold! "But they were baked beans!" Olivia said.


Olivia by the Briges Mark.

Saturday 23rd april 2011

Olivia would have slept on it this year as the years have dulled her memory!


Here she is relaxing at the front, just before the Bridges Marks.







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