EcoPals Bear

 Stanislav Hlavacek



just sending some more photos of my grandad for your family tree website - it is Stanislav Hlavacek, father of my father, I have other data about him. During the second world war he was with a German circus Krone - in the second picture it is him with his team of acrobats

If it is possible, would you please pop to the Toys R Us store in Plymouth and see if they still sell that bear you bought for Anneka before? We will pay for it. It is impossible to find it online and her old one is now "made of holes". I am sending a picture of it, although new it might look a bit different. They also produce a rabbit which looks the same only has long ears - if they don't have the bear and have the rabbit, please buy the rabbit. If they have neither, don't buy anything else instead, as she won't be interested.

oh, and about the bear. He had a brown T shirt on and a blanket attached to his hand. It says EcoPals on the T shirt.










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