Claus Arthur & Angelika Elfriede

Mainka (née Märsch)




Lars Mainka



Sent: 08 September 2007 12:09

Hello Paulene & Ralph,

one week ago we were in Leipzig to have a party to put Moritz to school. Moritz is the older boy of Kai´s two boys (Moritz and Hannes).

It was a nice garden-party at 1st. September. We, Angelika, Claus & grandma Marianne were from 28. August until 2nd September in Leipzig. For two days, during this time Angelika and I we were in Meißen, Angelika´s birthplace and my place at a engineer-school (there we find us!). It was good time there, Angelika met her best schoolmate - they had a lot to tell about the old time in Meißen. Now Meißen is seventeen years after reunification in good condition again. We saw many tourists especially from England and Japan.-


Best wishes Claus, Angelika & Lars



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