Mr. John &  


 Mrs. Grace   Palmer

(Née Symons)

Died 1926







This relief on the 1909 Martyr's Memorial.

 At the corner of Denmark Road and Barnfield Road in Exeter. Shows the burning of the protestant Agnes Prest in 1557 "for refusing to worship a piece of bread as God".

Mrs Palmer, a direct descendent of Agnes Prest, the only martyr who suffered death in the Exeter Diocese, in the reign of Queen Mary, for the Protestant religion, was buried on Sunday afternoon at Lamerton. Agnes Prest, of Northcott, in the parish of Boyton, near Launceston, was burnt without the walls of Exeter in 1558.

Mrs Palmer has left eleven children, forty-seven grandchildren,and eighteen great grandchildren.

Ten of her children were present at the funeral. Samuel, William John and Charles (sons), Lucy, Grace, Susie, Mary, Lizzie, and Carrie (daughters). Among others attending were Messrs C. Bishop, W. Burly, W. Gaterais, F. Banks, and T. Went (sons-in-law), and. Mrs W. Palmer and C. Palmer (daughters-in-law).




Lucy Palmer

Grace Palmer

Susanna Palmer

Mary Palmer

Carrie Palmer

Elisabeth Palmer


at Dunerton with the birth being registered in the June quarter of 1880 at Tavistock (5b-411)

Samuel Palmer

He was born at New Street, Barbican, on

19 Sept 1906, and married Edith May Lombard


William Palmer

John Palmer


Charles Palmer
  Policeman Policeman Policeman Policeman


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