From: peter bishop
Sent: 05 July 2009 10:01
To: Ralph Smith
Subject: Family History


Hi Ralph

Sorry about delay in answering your last email.

I am sending you the information that I already had on Frederick and Elizabeth Banks, William and Emily Banks plus Clifton, most of which is already on your site.

I will send you what information on the Palmer family soon.


Like you say identity thief is a real problem these days, so any information on living persons is always withheld from other than family until death, or they are assumed dead because of age.


Paulene and I are second cousins with our common ancestors being John Palmer and Grace Symons.

My paternal grandfather Joseph C L Bishop’s family was from Torpoint, and as a very young boy in the late 1930’s, Granma Bishop (Susanna Palmer) would take me on the tram and ferry to visit her sister Elizabeth Banks and the Bishop’s and Burt relations in Torpoint.  Mind you I can’t remember much about the visits, or who we visited, but do recall the things that would impress any youngster which were tram and ferry rides, plus having pony and cart rides (could this have been Billy?)


Regards Peter Bishop


From: peter bishop
Sent: 26 May 2009 09:03
To: Ralph Smith




Whilst surfing the net I came across your site, which I have read with great interest.

Elizabeth Palmer was my Grand Aunt being a sister of my Grandmother Susanna Palmer.


Elizabeth Palmer a daughter of John Palmer and Grace Symons was born at Dunerton with the birth being registered in the June quarter of 1880 at Tavistock (5b-411)


Frederick Charles Banks a son of William Henry Banks and Emily Pittick was born at Flushing with the birth being registered in the September quarter of 1880 at Falmouth (5c-116).


I have further information mainly on the Palmer family but at this stage I’m not sure if the site is still being updated and if so by whom, so will await your reply.

Peter Bishop