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First Prize in Torpoint Carnival


Saturday 9th June 2012


The Entertainers won First Prize in the Adult Walking Class (7-12 persons) in the revived Torpoint Carnival, which took place on Saturday 9th June 2012. Thanks to the skills of local artist Paulene Smith, a wonderful side view of the “Royal Carriage” was constructed behind which Queen Victoria (Rachel Kenhard with Lady-in-Waiting Gill Shenton), Queen Elizabeth 11 (Mary Hughes with Lady-in-Waiting Betty Begbie) posed. Pat Vanderwolf, Maureen Keise and Tamara Tapp were suitably garbed in scarlet, gold and black, as postilions, complete with two “hobby horses” borrowed from the Torpoint Players last Pantomime. The ladies’ outfits were excellent, supplied from the Entertainers’ own Wardrobe or belonging to the members.

Having won First Prize in their section and being photographed from all angles by many photographers, both professional and amateur, the ladies felt honour-bound to take part in the processional route, This caused a few problems as Queen Elizabeth’s feet were killing her in her high-heeled sling-backs after ten minutes. 1-lowever, Pat Vanderwoif, one of the postilions, came to the rescue and changed shoes with Queen Elizabeth resulting in our Queen bouncing along in black flatties and the postilion mincing along in a pair of high heels and black leggings! A truly eye-catching sight!
Queen Victoria also had boot problems as she was un-used the any kind of “walkabout”. Fortunately her Prince Albert (a.k.a Stuart Kenhard) had a pair of comfort able shoes on hand for her to change into.

It was left to the two ladies-in-waiting to carry the cut-out coach along the route. This proved some-what difficult as one lady was 5ft. 8 inches tall and the other about 5ft.2 inches. They had to keep turning the coach around to show people on different sides of the street, the right side! The two ladies were somewhat exhausted on the return to Cambridge Field, not being used to any heavy work in their Royal duties.
However a good time was had by all; here’s to next year when perhaps there will be another Carnival to celebrate our Queen’s Coronation in 1953.

by Betty Begbie


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