Torpoint Players January 08


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Castle & Village


Saturday 2nd February 2008, Paulene took a group of Pilots to See Cinderella.


 This year saw lively music, and a smart dance group, start what was a super Pantomime. The villagers greeting Prince Charming, was an Introduction to the cast as they came wishing him a happy birthday.


As the Baron Stoneybroke came with Melisande & Griselder, his ugly daughters, this introduced us to a very talented pair, and they traded insults like a pair of navies. Leaving Cinderella to come later, to be smitten by the young man (Prince acing as Valet). Leading to a duet, between Cinderella and her young man, it was a delight to see and hear such talent.


The baddy Deamon Blackheart, tried to stop the love between Prince Charming & Cinderella, with the help of a cool Jack Frost but the lovely Fairy Godmother was on their side.

Woods Side Pannel

The story had an equestrian theme as the ugly sisters tried to ride a horse to accompany the prince; this introduced us to one of the stars for me, the horse. The ugly sisters gave a great performance, trying to get on the horse, which was smart enough to give them the slip.


After Deamon Blackheart  asked cool Jack Frost to chill the Princes heart, to make him send Cinderella away. The Prince's party rode through the woods on very skinny horses (broom sticks) searching for Cinderella. I found this very amusing.


The Prince then planned a ball for that evening for all the eligible young ladies, in order to find his young lady. Of course the ugly sisters made much of getting invitations to the ball, Deamon Blackheart  planned to keep Cinderella away by getting her invitation from the ugly sisters and ripping it up.


KitchenBut the Fairy Godmother made Cinderella into Princess Snow the Deamon needed to stop her getting to the Castle and arranged a snow storm effectively danced by the girls, But the Fairy Godmother brought on a nice sleigh to get Cinderella there.



The ballroom scene started with the most elegantly dressed young ladies, until the ugly sisters arrived. The ball nearly finished before it begun because Prince Charming could not find his young lady, but when he saw her of course Prince Charming fell in lover again with Princess Snow (Cinderella), before she ran away at the stroke of midnight, leaving her slipper behind.

Attic Bedroom

Back home the ugly sisters went to bed after a risky striptease. Only to be awoken by a spider, they never took the hints the audience made as to where it was! The Prince searching for his Love came round with the slipper to try it on all the young ladies after dismissing Melisande & Griselder. Buttons called to Cinderella for her to try it on!


Kitchen BarrelThe Deamon Blackheart  and ?cool? Jack Frost had a last effort to stop the romance, by making her slipper into ice which melted away, but with the Fairy Godmother and Buttons help with a magic spell by the audience. The slipper reappeared and the Prince Charming found his Princess.


Before the finale Buttons smartly lead the audience to take part in a song, and then came my favourite, a star, the Horse she at last gave us a dance which was enthusiastically received by the audience.

Paulene in front of the Set Cinderella Torpoint Players January 08

 Paulene in front of the Set after painting


The all the cast were clapped or booed as required, with the whole audience warmly applauding, an enjoyable evenings Pantomime. Mike Briggs gave thanks to all the production team, cast and Audience.

When Paulene was called out to the front and given a nice bouquet of flowers for her painting of the sets!