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Celtic Heritage


Celtic Heritage

Away Day Report



The visit to Cornwall's ancient Celtic sites on Friday 11th September was a great success and it was wonderful to share some time together. We saw Lanyon Quoit at Morvah, Balowall overlooking Cape Cornwall , the Merry Maidens near Lamoma and Chysauster ancient village, all of which gave much cause for reflection on our Celtic history.

Merry Maidens
The Merry Maidens. Another popular name for the stone circle is "Dans Maenvc which can be transaletd from the Cornish as the "dancing stones". Both these names are commonly associated with Cornish stone circles and have inspired folk tales of dancing maidens
turned to stone for merrymaking on the Sabbath


Lanyon Quoit is probably one of the best-known of Cornwallcs ancient monuments, dating from the Neolithic period (3500-2500BC).

It is believed that Lanyon and other quoits in the area were used as ritual funeral sites. It´s possible that bodies were laid on top of the capstone to be eaten by carrion birds. Similar sites show evidence of bones from several individuals, and it´s thought bones were moved to sites such as Lanyon and used in rituals, perhaps involving attempts to communicate with ancestors and the spirit world.

Chysauster Ancient Village is a late Iron Age and Romano British village of courtyard houses. It is believed to have been inhabited from about 100 BC until the 3rd century AD; it was primarily agricultural and unfortified and probably occupied by members of
the Dumnonii tribe.




Ballowall Barrow is a strange and possibly unique example of a prehistoric funerary cairn which incorporates multiple phases of use and funerary practice spanning the Neolithic and Middle Bronze Age periods.


First stop was for coffee at the lovely Godolphin Arms in Marazion and lunch was at Sennen Cove - again, fantastic views. Some of the group stayed in Penzance and had a little shopping expedition, whilst he rest went onto Chysauster - now an English Heritage site; well worth a visit.

The weather was quite kind to us, at least the rain didn´t set in until we were on our way home!

Kind thanks to Alison for arranging, and to Steve, our wonderfully accommodating driver from the Rame Peninsular Community Bus. It really was a lovely day out.

by Brenda Noon


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