Torpoint Team Walk Cornwall 2 by Graham Dean  

Torpoint Walk Cornwall 2 Team




walk cornwall 2 the week that was !


Saturday 5th October 2013 at 11:30hrs Service of Dedication for the Walk Cornwall 2 teams at Launceston. This was the last of three weeks.


Hosts for our team this week, were "churches together in torpoint and district." Vivian Morris asked Graham Hamilton and Mike Miller, who needed transport  back to Torpoint? When they arrived in Torpoint, a lunch at St. James Church was arranged by Angela.



That evening we meet our guests David & Karen Bolton and walked home with them, then we had dinner. After I had a talk with David and was given a "Know God Personally" booklet, as I find the Bible hard to understand! Our guests slept here at night, but all other meals were provided by "Churches Together in Torpoint and District." We turned in early as the Walk Cornwall 2 teams are starting the day with a prayer in St James Church, before breakfast at 08:00hrs. This was made by Dave and Angela Stroud who were starting work at 07:00hrs in the hall.



Sunday the Churches in Torpoint welcomed members of the Walk Cornwall 2 team to their morning services. In the evening there was  "A Welcome & Evening of Worship" at Cornerstone.


Monday afternoon I got to the "Hot Potato" at the garden sports & leisure club well it was a talk on a Hot subject by John Hibberd and a lunch of a baked potato as well. Monday was on "Where is God when it hurts".


In the evening I went to the Cornish Evening at St. James which was well attended. Was it for the: Cornish Pasties, Cornish fairing Biscuits, Saffron Cake and Cornish Scones Jam with Cream on top! or for the Cornish folk songs accompanied by Dave Mashford on the accordion? I'm told that after, some walkers went to the Pub; to talk about Jesus Christ, of course!


Tuesday afternoon " Hot Potato" at The Gardens, again by john hibberd "Do we have to choose between creation & evolution?" My reaction to this was to say, "So the Bible was not always the Gospel truth!"

To which John said "There are many types of writing's in the Bible, some are not necessarily to be taken literally." In the evening, 'A Mark of Friendship' visit to Millbrook Millbrook Methodist Church.



It could seem; this was all that was going on, well no! If you went up Torpoint you would see each day 'Prayer and Coffee' at Cornerstone and at betty's tea room 'Meet the Walkers'. They were also out knocking on doors. and a wide range of meeting with other groups. See the link to the program shown under their logo


Wednesday "Hot Potato" at The Gardens "Is there really life after death?" This lead to a number of interesting questions.


Torpoint Brownies had a visit from Karen Bolton, where they had a talk about Jesus using a sketch board followed by a game to teach them about Jesus.


Thursday we had Men's Breakfast at Cornerstone. We had sixteen for breakfast five walkers and eleven men from Torpoint and District, after which, Graham Hamilton, one of the walkers gave us a talk on why we should stand firm in our beliefs and how Christianity is under attack in Great Britain.


Thursday evening we had "night of colour", at carbeile junior school. Paulene was looking forward to this and it was not a disappointment!  revd. daniel h cozens showed a large number of his colourful oil paintings. Illustrated by a gentle talk, to a full hall, about his gifts and how, why he uses them, and his personal view on God's wonderful gifts.


This Friday morning 8.30-11am 'Mini Market' at St. James church hall, this meant that Dave and Angela started preparing for breakfast at 06:45hrs. In the evening I went to the "Taste of Worship" Event at Carbeile School" as my wife is in the torpoint lady singers and they sang a number of hymns. In between we had Barbara Jordan giving her testimony, before we had 15min break for refreshments, we had a word from Peter Jordan. For the second half the Christian Fellowship Worship Band lead us in singing contemporary worship songs.


Saturday in the after noon Messy Church at Cornerstone. I've been told all the tickets are gone for "African Theme Eve & meal" at St. James church hall, I will try to get in, behind a camera? I hope that I may see more of the food than an image in the camera! Success I've been given a ticket so I needn't get in by subterfuge. I didn't get a ticket before, as I was worried that we would only have a porridge, which we often see being feed to refugees on TV, not very appetising. Having looked at the hall every effort is being made to give it an African feel, with very colourful cloths every where! I'll tell you more, later.


Amazing a feast to the eyes, the hall was decked with: African Displays, Cloths, Posters, Drums and craft goods. Many of the helpers, dressing up appropriately.


First Julie & Ryan Hill gave us a talk on their experience in Africa.


Our Meal this evening:

Xhosra Chicken,

Bean Stew,

African style cabbage,



Pap and South African style bread.


South African Red Bush Tea.


Africaans Deserts:


and Melk Tert.



Julie & Ryan being server last of all by Gorgie and Sue


After our 'Amazing' Dinner we heard from them about the work being done to help these people in Africa  also from Angela Jory and then Linda Clarkson who told us how aid is used, also the success stories, and of Gabriel by the gift of a 'German phrase book' now makes a living running gabriel safaris kenya.


During our break we were served with Rooibos tea and Africaans Deserts very yummy, but then Ryan had us drumming on all his drums and even a few buckets and singing "My-en-zi-way tan-do ya-co" then sang the English version "Your Will be done on Earth O'Lord" . In the picture above John & Barbara Smith enjoy singing with Peter Jordan joining in with the drumming. This was a night to remember: I must close with many thanks, to those who had the imagination and worked to make it possible!


Sunday a Thanksgiving Service


Sunday a Thanksgiving Service, with visual picture, personal testimony, lesson acted out and the praying for our team together with hymns and readings. This service was 'Churches together in Torpoint and District' so this was the only service in Torpoint that morning. Before a 'Bring and Share' Lunch for everyone, Cornerstone bring Sweets, CofE bring Savouries, Torpoint Christian Fellowship bring soft drinks & nibbles to share with everyone present. Well after the African meal how we managed to do justice to the generous spread?


Our team left for Liskeard Methodist Church where all the teams came together, and celebrated the 'Walk Cornwall 2' Introduced by, Revd. Daniel H Cozens and led by  John Hibberd, with testimonies from all areas. Here we said thanks and a goodbye to our friends.