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Sent: 10 January 2011 14:17
To: Ralph Smith
Subject: Christmas Party.


Santa & His Helpers




What a night we had Tuesday 21st December 2010!
The ice and snow still laid thick on some roads and pavements, which meant the total number expected at our party was down to 16 adults and 5 children or there about (I think!). 
Games were played by children and `oldies` alike and it was wonderful to see and hear laughter coming from all.  `Musical chairs`, `pass the parcel`, (a gift came with every page of paper removed) and `guess the spices`, were some of the games played, (Brenda was the one and only outstanding winner here! )
A new game to most of us was `slice the snowball cake`. The last person, young or older, to slice the the `snowball` after it collapsed, had to collect the chocolates from deep inside, using only their mouth!  This done, the winner was left with a white `beard and mustache`.  Congratulations!  Great fun! Lots of laughs!

The evening just shot away and before we knew it it was time for our `eats`.  As usual, in true  Cornerstone fashion, we had enough food to feed a regiment, which was great, because it meant the men could really enjoy and fill their plates and it was great for those who came straight from work to join us.
After everyone had eaten their fill, we were all called to the inner church room to await a `visitor`. 

To our GREAT surprise, a `sugar pink fairy` appeared (Rev: Alison).  Draped in pink from head to foot, including swaying `spheres` on her head, waving wand an` all, she told a sad tale of Santa being arrested for speeding/parking outside the church!  After great persuasion and talks with the police, Santa had been released and would be arriving any second.

After only a few more seconds, Santa arrived.  (He must have been very tired because he was being pushed in a wheelchair!) Cheers met his arrival, from young and old alike.
There was a gift for EVERYONE who was there and Lawry took photo's to  record the event., which was the first Christmas party for many, many years.

A wonderful time was had by all, despite the inclement weather.  It is hoped more will be able to join us next year (weather permitting!).



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