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Tommy Carp Committee Winter Lunch 09




Cornerstone Church is the HUB of our town. It is the central meeting point for people of all ages from the very young to the not so young!
Our weekly itinerary is as follows:


Tuesday : Doors open at 10am wherein you will find a genuine warm welcome, always accompanied by a smile, and copious amounts of coffee/tea and biscuits, for which we are grateful for a small donation.
Ladies, you have to be quick if you want a pink wafer, as the men are like locusts where these are concerned!
From 10am to 11am, you will hear a lot of chatter and a great deal of laughter! (We are a noisy bunch…men and women!)
Having pulled the tables together, it feels like an extension of our own blood family…but yet different.


Informal Worship

At 11am a member of the church begins an informal worship, the subject of which is left to the person taking it. It is always light hearted and varied, followed by some discussion from whoever likes to speak. One does not HAVE to…but you know, we like to talk!!
At this informal `get together` we have regular attendees who do not come to church services, so it is a very worth while event.
More chatter, more banter followed by more laughter and `goodbyes` until tomorrow.

Wednesday: Doors open at 10am to 11.30am again. Today is just for fellowship. This is VERY important, as many of the people who attend may not have family around them, thus feeling lonely and it might be the only regular contact they may have all week. Others may have troubles of sorts and appreciate a chat with someone. If it is of a confidential nature, then it would always remain confidential.
Others simply love the company of very special people who care and like to laugh a lot! We also enjoy the company of some members from St. James Church and the Roman Catholic Church, and we are like one big happy family where the `titles` of where and how we worship are lost and we come together on these mornings I am sure, as Jesus would have wanted us to. After all, we all worship the one GOD but simply go about it in different ways.

Cornerstone has the reputation of being so friendly and welcoming. Of course, this is down to its members. Bricks and mortar make the buildings but members make the church.
In the words of Rev: John J. Richey, “If I could bottle that which Cornerstone Church has I would, as it is something VERY special that happens there.”
Rev: John was talking of the very apparent love and friendship we have in our church ….and we do.

Saturday: Doors are open from approx: 9.30am, wherein you will find the above mentioned refreshments.
Today will last until approx: 11.45am. The donations for the said refreshments will go to whichever organisation is leading the morning, as there are several groups such as helpers for Arthritis, The Rame Peninsular Men's Choir, and once a month it will be for our church.
At all these events on Saturday's you will find stalls of

bric-a-brac and freshly home made cakes! Some mornings are accompanied by the FerryBoaters singers who give their time for free.

As you can see, it is a well used building by a lot of organisations. But most of all it has the love and fellowship that is so very hard to capture with words. One simply HAS to experience it for oneself.