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'A Travers Chants'

A Travers Chants in Torpoint

St. James Church Torpoint

Musical Director: Jacqueline Kersivien

The choir "A Travers Chant" is about fifteen years old. It started when a small group of men and women living in the same area called "Corniguel", which is the name of Quimper port on the River Odet, planned to meet and sing together. Then Jacqueline Kersivien became our Musical Director.

In 2008 there are now forty choir members, eleven men and twenty nine women. It's repertoire is made up of a variety of songs, traditional songs from different countries many from Brittany of course and other Celtic countries; Negro spirituals and some music from classical composers as well as contemporary songs.

Three or four times a year either we sing for worthy causes for instance "Retina" a medical research charity and "Secours Catholique" for retired older people in hospital. We also perform around Christmas time. Or we meet other local choirs for Concerts to share common interests and friendly exchanges.

The concert with "The Torpoint Lady Singers" is "Une Premiere" and coming to Torpoint is the first time we have travelled to another Country.