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10 05 1363



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The two choirs, Sunday 30th May 2010 at the church of Ste-Claire Penhars.


Yesterday afternoon, the "Torpoint Lady Singers", a choir from Cornwall England and "A Travers SChant", the choirs of Corniguel, gave a magnificent concert in the church Penhars.


The English choir, directed by Sylvia Fraser has interpreted the variety of gospel, "Panis Angelicus" and several songs from movies like "People" (Funny Girl) and "Speak Softly Love" (The Godfather). The Britons, led by Jacqueline Kersivien, sang Brittany and the sea: "O  Keltia "or" Loguivy sea "before we travel to Israel, Russia and South Carolina and finished on" Amazing Grace ".


The two choirs sang together "My lover of St John" and "Round the Riverside. Concert     closed the "Day 30" of the association areas of Corniguel (CQA).


10 05 1364




Concert in Quimper by Torpoint Lady Singers and A Travers Chants (de l'AQC)

What a wonderful trip, so much to see and do and not really enough time. We set off at 8.30pm from Thankes Park Car Park. Everybody on board and away we went to pick up the Ferry at Plymouth.Once there we had a bit of a problem finding one of the party who was being picked up at the Departures/Arrivals Hall. After some detective work we had her on board and then we left the coach to go on board as foot passengers. By this time the excitement was arising. Once on board we found our cabins, went to find the rest of the party and had a chat before going to bed. Next day arriving early we set off to Benodet to drop off the Twinners. Had a walk along the sea front and had a drink.




Arrived at hotel Oceana which was comfortable very good breakfasts. Got our rooms and after this we were taken on a tour of Quimper with Marie Eleanor as our guide (sister of Marie-France), a really historical town with a beautiful Cathedral. Coming back to the Hotel we sorted ourselves out. The hotel prepared a very nice meal which everbody enjoyed.


Saturday we went to Concarneau a walled city, lovely narrow streets, pretty shops and a lovely ice cream parlour. I think most of the party had an icecream on the way back to the bus. We were invited to join the Travers Chant at an Association dinner. They would have liked a sunny evening, but not so, it poured with rain. After the concert their were speeches and presentations and the delicious moroccan cous cous. Tables were moved back, music started playing wine was flowing and we were all up dancing the night away. Wow?

Sunday quiet morning then in the afternoon we got ourselves ready and arrived at the Sainte Claire Church, it was quite a rush to get ourselves sorted for the rehearsal but it all went well. The concert itself was a success, the feeling of warmth from the audience and the Travers Chant Choir made us sing stronger than ever. The whole experience was breathtaking. After the concert we returned to the Association House for another get together. A very delectable buffet was laid out and lots of wine again, lots more fun, laughter and singing. Where did the energy come from .?

Monday had breakfast then got packed, went to some little bays, (sorry cannot remember the names) had something to eat on the sea front at Benodet. Farewell drink at La Taverna Bretonne to meet Twinners, then back on the coach to pick up the Ferry.



  Angela Wood