'Torpoint Lady Singers'


Joint Concert The Mevagissey Male Choir, Torpettes, Torpoint Lady Singers

The Concert held on Saturday 15th March 2014 was held in aid of St James Church Funds. It was a great success we had the Mevagissey Male Choir, the Torpettes from Torpoint Community College and the Torpoint Lady Singers. We had a good compere a very happy congregation and all this bonded together made it a very successful evening.


The  first half started with the Torpoint Lady Singers singing Stormy Weather followed  by Fiddler.


Then came the Torpettes lovely fresh voices with no music, they did very well. The first song was Strange Fruit followed by Only You.


The Mevagissey Male Choir started their first half with Comrades at Arms, The Anthem from "Chess", The Floral Dance and Cornish Hearts. They sang  superbly and it was joy to listen to them.


The Second half started with the Torpoint Lady Singers singing The Nuns Chorus, Ave Verum  and O Rejoice that the Lord has Arisen only the second time we have sung it in public, the audience was very appreciative.



The Torpettes started their second half with On my Own from "Les Miserables" which was very well done. It should have been followed by All you need is love by the Beetles, but they did not sing it.


The Mevagissey Male Choir started their second half with Nessum Dorma, Angels, Bohemian Rhapsody which was wonderful so beautifully sung and then Au Fond Du Temple Saint. The applause showed how much everyone enjoyed their singing.


The last item Trelawny was sung by everyone with full gusto. A great concert much appreciated by all.


The Mevagissey Male Choir presented the Torpoint Lady singers with a plaque which will be looked after with care.  

A lovely spread had been laid out in the hall for all the singers and friends.


The Afterglow continued at the Carbeille for all who wanted to go.

by Angela Wood



Pictures by Kenneth Trethewey


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