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Granite seat and Church garden


This afternoon after the church service (and the AGM) 08 May 2016 we did some more to the church garden and I thought you'd like to add a couple of the photos to the update of progress for the web-site.

Granite Seat We 'dragged' 4 men from the Chez Bar across the road to help us, and they moved and sited the granite stones into the recess for us :)

It will provide an extra space to sit in and hopefully provide a contemplative place too. We're very pleased with the result and it will look better once the rockery is done which we hope to site next to the seat.


The bedding plants are going in this week (weather permitting), and then it will just be a case of watering and tending the plants -- instead of the heavy manual work we've had to do for the last couple of months ! It's now all looking more like a real garden and we're beginning to feel more hopeful it will be colourful and tidy for the summer !

Here are a few photos to add to the information.


For those of you who aren't aware the church garden is now well underway and looking more like a real garden as opposed to a waste ground ! At times during our digging sessions we have felt more like convicts breaking rocks with the use of the pickaxe to bring out the huge stones and slate that have been hampering out progress ! However, we are now winning the battle, and the earth underneath is actually quite good once it's been dug and aerated. There is still an area near the road/pavement that needs attention once the large bags and other unwanted bits are removed, and maybe this part could be used for vegetables

Money has been allocated towards the cost of the garden, and it should be enough to provide a colourful display of plants and shrubs for this summer. We have also managed to purchase a rose arch, which will add a central focal point and hopefully look very pretty with the climbing clematis which we will plant each side of it. We have created three short grassed paths, and have also managed to purchase a second-hand strimmer to cut the grass with. Some very helpful and kind hearted builders also helped us to lay some of the spare concrete paving slabs for a central area, and they gave their time and expertise free of charge -- very charitable :)



It has been my dream for a few years now to see this precious space at the back of Cornerstone used to its full potential, not just for our church congregation but also for the people of Torpoint. Hopefully, it will encourage more people into our church in the summer to enjoy the outside space in the sunny weather.

Margaret Brock has been my main helper for this project and I don't know what I would have done without her. She has worked very hard and been a great support. Thank-you also to all the others who have given their time and effort to the project. I know the original plan was for the children to have a gardening club, and eventually when all the hard slog is finished this plan will be achieved.

Like all gardens it will take a couple of years to establish, but for this first year what we have managed to do so far will be a good start and something we can all enjoy in fellowship.

Linda Lambert (29th April 2016)