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Keeping Torpoint Tidy


I'm sending you a few photos from our clean-up today.

Sun 23/02/2014

As you can see we've tackled two areas -- the bridged area of wood along Trevol Road, and also the wooded area and path from the back of Costcutter. We did it in two groups.

14 bags + bicycle and dumped DIY waste were taken out from behind Costcutter, and 9 bags of waste taken out from the bridged area along Trevol Road. This makes a total of 23 bags altogether !

The worst area was behind the generating station and the recently cleared area under the electrical power lines. The council have obviously been in there and cut down a lot of trees, bushes and shrubs which have revealed more rubbish. 12 of the bags were filled with larger, beer and ale cans/bottles. We could not remove broken bottles or cans that had rusted badly and this area is hazzardous to dogs and children. We spent 3 hrs here and need to go back in again next month. My friend Lorraine intends to contact the nurse in the Torpoint vets next week to warn her of the problem.

As you can see it makes us wonder what on earth it would all be like if we were not doing our clean-ups ! But apart from this we now feel that something really needs to be done about all the dumping and rubbish tipping in and around Torpoint and particularly in the woods and wooded pathway from Costcutter to the top of the estate. There is obviously someone buying alcohol from the shop and then conveniently taking it into the woods to drink and dump, surely Costcutter should take some responsibility for this ? The potential risk to walkers, dogs, and children speaks for itself apart from the anti-social behavior and dumping offence.

Is it possible for you to put in a report about this to the Police and also the Advertiser to bring this problem to the attention of the community ?

Any other suggestions would be welcome.


Linda and friends.