'Cinderella' Torpoint Players January 08


No shortage of Hospital Beds in Torpoint!

When the Torpoint Players decided on their forthcoming production they were concerned that their first choice of play might be a little too “spicy” for Torpoint audiences. The play contains strong language and explores adult themes. However it only includes content that would be found on Television after the nine o’clock watershed and so it was decided to present this hilarious “romp”. The fact that it required four authentic hospital beds was ignored until well into rehearsals. It was soon discovered that hospital beds were not widely available to borrow or hire!! The only avenue open seemed to be to build them from scratch….. no mean feat!!

The play looks in on the experiences of four heavily pregnant ladies in the maternity ward of a local hospital. Such themes as medical emergencies, unplanned pregnancies, and teenage angst are explored in intimate detail. Apart from the pregnant ladies the cast includes a ward sister on the warpath, a “sex mad” nurse, a doctor with philandering ways and a couple of bungling domestics. Three harassed husbands and a traumatized daughter make up the cast.

As mentioned the script does contain very strong language and is considered not suitable for young people, or those easily offended.

“Stand and deliver is presented on October 22nd, 23rd,24th. Of October in the Torpoint Council Chambers and the players promise their audiences a night to remember. Tickets from Boots the Chemist and the Gardens Squash Club in Torpoint…or can be reserved by calling Plymouth 814202 or 813182. Important:- Seating is in the café style that has proved popular with our comedies and the audience is encouraged to “bring a bottle”