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"The Ferryboat Entertainers"



The Church was packed almost to capacity for the eighth annual free Christmas Concert presented by the Ferryboat Entertainers. They were very smart in their matching outfits. The varied programme consisted of seasonal songs, poems and comedy numbers.

The concert opened with the Company's long standing favorites, Ring Out The Bells and Silver bells, and included Carols and Songs with European and American origins. There were several solos and songs with harmony, plus a nursery rhyme rap. The audience were invited to join in with a medley of well known Christmas songs and the Concert closed with , "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

Not to be over looked was an unusual version of the "Bells of St. Mary's" with hand bells mostly dinging and donging in the right place!!


The four fairies

Flower Fairy - Alison Richardson, Fairy Lights - Sue Western, Fairy Cup Cake - Pat Vanderwolf and the Tooth Fairy - Rachel Kenhard.

Maureen Keise


Elizabeth Barker

I swallowed a Horse - Dead of course !

Pat Jasper and Mary Hughes


Not only the audience was amused by this one, the Ferryboat Entertainers also had a lot of fun over the evening.


Refreshments were served in the first Interval and the Raffle took place in the second Interval, when the many prizes, donated by the Entertainers and friends, were rapidly despatched. The amount realized from the Raffle plus donations, amounted to over 270.






The very successful evening, hosted admirably by John Tivnan as Compere. Joe May was unable to come this year due to a surprise family party !

Gloria Courts gave thanks to all finally gave thanks to Betty Begbie Secretary/M.D.



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